Zevrix InDesign Announces Automation Bundle Sale At StackSocial

Zevrix Solutions has partnered with StackSocial with its Zevrix Workflow App Bundle For Adobe InDesign, a discounted bundle of its most popular workflow automation tools. Output Factory automates printing and exporting from InDesign and offers batch output, layer versioning, single page export, preflighting, variable file names and more. LinkOptimizer lets users reduce InDesign link size by eliminating excess image data, perform image adjustments, and convert file formats. Package Central automates InDesign file packaging by processing files from watched hot folders.

The apps automate InDesign image workflow and output tasks, allow file collection from hot folders, and offer expert preflight options. The Zevrix Workflow App Bundle For Adobe InDesign is available now on StackSocial Shop which enables people to organically discover products and brands they love on the publications and media they engage with every day. Users can get LinkOptimizer, Output Factory, Package Central and InPreflight Pro for only $49 until August 3. The deal saves customers $630, a 92% discount.

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