Aquarius Computer Introduces TurnTable 4.0

Aquarius Computer rolls out TurnTable, an update to its popular music player. Designed for artists, creatives, dreamers, music fans, or anyone who wants to get the most out of their music, TurnTable is a new kind of music player. TurnTable offers 3 different views for choosing what to play from your music library. With the Artists view, you can see a chart or multi column list of artists to show them all at once. With the Albums view, enjoy a shuffled collection of your Albums with album artwork and album titles. Under the Tracks view, you can use a jukebox style shuffle of your tracks as well as pick and play tracks at random.

Offering high resolution Retina Display support, TurnTable version 4.0 has been fully optimized, and designed specifically for Big Sur with the M1 chip, and is fully compatible with Apple Music. Records display in beautiful full-window view with album art and track list. The app now offers a new collections feature where you can organize Artists and Albums into a playlist as well as Like Collections for tastes, genres, moods, other ideas, or anything you've been meaning to listen to, and much more. TurnTable is $9.99 USD and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.