Dan's Tutorials Announces Free Mac, iPad and iPhone Lessons

Dan's Tutorials has announced that over 1,500 their lessons are now free to view. These lessons are designed to give users a better understanding of how to effectively use their Apple devices, including the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch as well as Apple TV. Each video is an average of 5 minutes and is designed to help someone understand a specific feature and how to use it. Notes can be attached to any lesson and are accessible from the Dashboard and so much more.

Membership is subscription based and includes all tutorials and lessons, webinars, and classes. Membership also includes 14-day free trial. Member benefits include over 1,500 lessons on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Members are also afforded Lesson Tracking, so the site keeps track of lessons they've taken. Easily add any tutorials to the dashboard for easy reference, resume the last lesson from the Dashboard, maintain Lesson Notes and more. All Classes are Included. Members can attend and watch any class or webinar and much more.

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