Indie Developer Chad Etzel Introduces Sticker Doodle for iOS

Indie developer Chad Etzel has released Sticker Doodle, a new iPhone and iPad app that allows anyone to create their own stickers and then send them via the Messages app. Sticker Doodle supports Apple Pencil for more advanced doodling on an iPad, but works just as well using a finger on an iPhone. People can even send photos as stickers and turn doodles into Slack emojis and Discord stickers. The app was designed to be quick and easy-to-use so people can get in, create their doodle, and get out. It's all about creating fun stickers, not pixel-perfect works of art.

Effortlessly turn any photo (or portion of a photo) into a sticker, including colorful borders and backgrounds. Supporting seven languages, people can send photos as stickers and turn their doodles into Slack emojis and Discord stickers right from the app. Sticker Doodle was designed for using a finger first, but also supports Apple Pencil on iPad. People who would like to get more creative can even use an Apple Pencil to draw doodles on their iPad and send them to people via their iPhone thanks to the power of iCloud syncing. Sticker Doodle is Free (With In-App Purchases) and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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