Tropical Software Releases TopXNotes for iOS

TopXNotes for iOS has been released by Tropical Software. TopXNotes iOS features note creation and editing in landscape and portrait modes, emailing a note, backup/restore to the device, clickable hot links, and NoteSync synchronization with TopXNotes Mac 2.0. You also have full access to all fonts and font sizes Apple offers in iOS. Easily have your notes on-the-go, create new notes, edit notes, delete some and keep them in sync with your Mac 2.0's notes.

Now offering 4-way sorting in the NoteOrganizer, TopXNotes iOS 1.6 has had major improvements to its WiFi-based NoteSync process for improved efficiency, stability and performance, including improved handling of large files, files with many notes and other conditions. TopXNotes has checks for compatible NoteSync services between Mac 2.0 and TopXNotes iOS and will not attempt sync between incompatible versions. TopXNotes is $1.99 USD and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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