Little Hero Introduced for iOS and Android - New RPG Game Title

Little Hero has been released by Gamind Limited, its new idle RPG game for iOS and Android devices. Little Hero is a tap idle RPG game. To protect the peace of the kingdom, players will start their adventure and travel through Uggel Continent trying to end the conspiracy of the Great Devil. With the help of the elves, players can recruit mercenaries, summon dragons, and finally kill the legendary monsters to bring peace to the continent.

Offering strategic action combat with great battle experience and different line-ups, Little Hero sports hundreds of challenging chapters. Players can easily customize their fantasy hero, craft and fuse to form ultimate gears, unlock and evolve elves and mercenaries, as well as the ability to collect tons of logs whatever and wherever they want. The developer has added a card system that can trigger random events in order to increase the interest of players during the adventure. There is also a friendly chat system so players can communicate all over the world. Little Hero is Free (With In-App Purchases) and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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