Eversim releases Power & Revolution 2021 Edition for macOS

Eversim announces Power & Revolution 2021 Edition, a feature update to its popular geopolitical simulator expansion for macOS. Power & Revolution 2021 Edition is a simulation of our current world, recreating its features in-depth and across a number of domains, including economic, political, military, social, financial, environmental, energetic and even transportation. All countries of the world are represented with their own features. Real fatality data for every country of the world has been integrated into the game.

In Power & Revolution 2021 Edition, all countries of the world are represented with their own features. The game combines management stages of economics, diplomacy, commerce, wargames, construction, espionage, simulation, political influence and manipulation. The calculation and scenario engines include more than 100,000 data points, 20,000 texts and 12 hours of recorded dialogue. A detailed and animated 3D world map helps to support the players, with all the borders, regions and important and strategic locations of the world.

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