Ohanaware announces Notched Up for Mac Developers

Ohanaware rolls out Notched Up, their new Notch Simulator for macOS. Notched Up attempts to draw a Notch on any Mac running 10.13 High Sierra or never, as close as possible to the actual physical size of the Notch in Apple's latest 14" and 16" MacBook Pro. This useful dev utility was designed to aid development by displaying a close to real life Notch on existing screens, allowing developers to see what menus do not fit on the left side of the Notch, without having to purchase both the 14" and 16" MacBook Pro.

Once developers can see which menus do not fit on the left side of the Notch, they can then make a decisions as to what do about the menus in their applications, such as combining menus, re-naming menus, using icons instead of labels or culling some menus. Notched Up can also be used to add a Notch to application screen shots, helping to illustrate an application's compatibility with Apple's Notched MacBook Pros. Alternatively, Notched Up can simply be used for fun, adding a cosmetic fake Notch to a screen. Notched Up is freeware and can be downloaded from their Website.

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