Static Z Software announces SparkFX for macOS

Static Z Software rolls out SparkFX 1.1.0, an important update to its popular sound board app. SparkFX features a simple grid-based interface that that lets you focus on your performance, making it super easy to organize and play your sounds. You can easily add sound effect and music to live performances, podcasts and more. The app has many other unique and powerful features including support for multichannel sound clips, the ability to play to more than one output device at a time, and a built-in recorder that lets you record your performance to file for later playback and evaluation. It also has full support for MIDI pads and continuous controls.

SparkFX 1.1.0 now offers full support for Audio Unit Effect plug-ins. The Mac comes with many built-in effects that SparkFX can take advantage of. Third party Audio Unit Effect plug-ins are also supported. Effects can be applied to the entire document or on individual audio clips. There's no limit to what you can do. SparkFX helps you organize and play your sound effects. Use Set Lists and color to keep your sound clips organized. The built-in search bar helps you quickly find and play sound clips. SparkFX 1.1.0 is $29 (USD) and can be downloaded from their Website.

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